Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three Weeks Vacation

I’m back from a three week vacation to Germany and Austria. This is the first straight three-week vacation I’ve had since I started my working career. As any who work in this business knows, you are sort of a business within a business, with responsibility for project budgets, profitability, utilization, and perhaps more important, sales and marketing. You build up momentum. I was concerned about losing momentum during my vacation. I chose to leave the laptop at home and my Sprint cell phone service doesn’t work on the European system. I was afraid I’d come back and the bus would be accelerating down the street and I’d be chasing it through a cloud of dust and diesel exhaust. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case. It seems that ongoing projects carried on and no big crises occurred while I was out. In a small meeting I updated my colleagues and I called or emailed my clients before leaving. Some emails and voicemails I picked up on my return were something like “Hey, I hear your back. Can you give me a call?” New work: I picked up some Phase II work in San Diego and prepared a proposal. My ongoing sediment investigation project at a Tacoma marina is in the report phase and could lead to a sediment cleanup. I have a development project in Fife that will need some petroleum cleanup. And there are a few more things. Bottom line is I have work and I’m riding the bus.

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dak said...

Hey Neil, I sent you an email, no response. I sent it to I'm hoping you and your family have a very nice holiday, and best wishes in the new year, Rex